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Guidelines in Selecting Suitable Carpet for Hospitality Industry

Carpeting is an essential component of a hotel's operational environment. It covers a large part of the floor area and is the single, largest visual factor in projecting a hotel's image. Carpeting is an important investment in a hotel's budget. When properly selected, carpets project the desired image; they provide a comfortable and safe environment and reduce operation costs. Together these factors enhance a hotel's value.

In selecting a carpet, there are several factors to consider. (1) the quality and service provided by the supplier; (2) selection of the right type of carpet and (3) last but not least, the after sales service. Careful choice coupled with good service will ensure that a hotel gets the best value from its floor covering. It will reduce operating costs and ensure optimal carpet life is attained.

In any renovation project the quality of its supplier plays a significant part in determining how successful the project is going to be. Since the investment in carpet is usually quite substantial, it pays to have a good supplier who can provide correct advice on the real worth of the suggested products for the project, as opposed to how much its supplier will benefit. Having a strong design department to provide full scale carpet design support often enhances the work of the project designers and helps a hotel to save time and money on project management. Last but not least, a reputable supplier minimizes risk. This is increasingly important when one considers that a hotel can only make one choice. Problems arising from delays or poor installation resulting in a need to replace the carpet could be very costly.

There are many types of carpet available on the market. How to choose the proper type and quality remains a difficult question for hotel operators. In general, one should consider the image that one intends to project in the area to be carpeted, the size of the area to be covered and the level of traffic in the area to be carpeted.

If it is intended to project a unique image in a particular area, custom carpet will probably be the only choice. Custom carpeting is carpet with a pattern designed specifically for its customer. The most popular custom carpets for public areas and F&B outlets include Axminster, Wilton, Computerized Yarn Placement (CYP) and last but not least, the high end handtufted carpet. If the area is small, one's choice is limited to custom handtufted carpet, CYP Carpet and Woven Axminster Carpet. In areas where the floor size is substantial or where complicated design is not required, one can either choose Broadloom Tufted or Woven Axminster Carpet, which are generally less expensive. Where unique image is not desired, one can look for stock Axminster Carpet or Broadloom Carpet for economical value and ready availability.

The traffic density expected in an area to be carpeted often dictates the quality of carpet to be chosen. In an area where heavy traffic is expected, one should choose a carpet with a higher density (density is defined as number of stitches/weave per square inch). High density will not only have a better carpet performance, but give the right engineering, of other physical characteristics like pile height, it will also enable a hotel operator to prolong the useful life of the carpet and reduce the shading effect that is often found in cut pile carpet.

A good quality carpet, regardless of price, can be turned into worthless investment in a very short time if not properly maintained. In selecting a carpet supplier, one must consider the after sales service. After sales service should not be limited to problem resolution after the carpet is sold, it should also include other services such as carpet maintenance and cleaning training. A quality supplier should be able to provide essential training on how to clean and maintain a carpet.

In searching of a carpet supplier that can provide services to a hotel in the project management stage, Sz Tai Ping Carpet comes high on the list. A certified ISO9002 carpet manufacturer, Sz Tai Ping has been serving the international hotel industry for forty years and has an excellent reputation. In addition to manufacturing high quality custom handtufted carpet, it also manufactures custom Axminister Carpets as well as CYP Carpet, the highest density commercial carpet and has the only carpet which can minimize shading. To complement its manufactured custom carpet lines, it also represents quality broadloom manufacturers and can thus provide a full product range to cover the overall needs of a hotel operator. With its highly experienced sales team, Sz Tai Ping is the only carpet supplier that provides total quality service that includes carpet selection consultation, design assistance, carpet supply, carpet installation and last but not least, cleaning and maintenance training for its clients by developing a partnership with its clients. To ensure the best value, Sz Tai Ping is a natural choice for top hotels and property owners and developers.
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