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Caring For a New Carpet
For the first few weeks after fitting a wool carpet sheds fibre. This is the sign of a good quality carpet. A quick sweep/vacuuming and the problem is solved.

Cleaning "TO ORDER"
Certain areas of a carpet may be more vulnerableto attracting dirt than others. In theis case choose between absorbent powders, spray extraction cleaning and shampoo in a spray-can, all of which should be used after vacuuming.

Cigarette Burns
A burning cigarette that falls onto a wool carpet only leaves a small scorch mark. To remove this mark, brush or even rub it with a coin.

Daily Maintenance
Wool is naturally clean and release dust easily. It is not necessary to use a vacuum cleaner more than once or twice a week.

Spring Cleaning
Your carpet should only need a thorough cleaning every two or three years, preferably done by professionals. Should you decide to do it yourself, then follow instructions on the cleaning agent than instructed. Avoid over-wetting the carpet.

Moving Furniture
The natural resilience of wool fibres makes them bounce back into shape. To remove any indentations, spray on a little water and lift the pile with a gfew brush strokes. After a day no trace will remain.

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